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Our ideology

  • Sustainable design development
  • Logical and sensitive design solutions
  • Low-impact environmental design and technology
  • The use of sustainable and ecological materials
  • Combining modern design within a traditional fabric
  • Exploring exotic and luxurious design possibilities within a simple context
  • Finding design solutions that transcend the obvious.

We believe good design should take the user into account on many levels, from the purely practical and economic to the social and psychological. Our designs aim to create buildings which are in harmony with human beings, environmentally safe and efficient to use, and beautiful to be in and to look at.

In our renovation work, we specialise in bringing contemporary design to traditional buildings which, while they are beautiful, can be expensive and uncomfortable to live in today.

From a sweeping modern balcony for a stone barn, traditional double-glazed solid oak windows made by a Compagnon de France or  a high tech glazed enclosure: our designs are developed in close liaison with our clients, working with them to hone their requirements and define their taste.

Some inspiration from a recent  visit to Japan.