Office technology

We are a fully computerised office, but still use traditional drawing techniques where more appropriate. Some of the programs below are part of our everyday tools:

  • We use BIM (Building Information Modelling) for the generation of site- and measured drawings, specifically the software programs Archicad and Vectorworks.
  • Our BIM program also enables us to make energy analyses of the fabric of the building, as well as the visualisation of sun and shadow angles which are so critical when considering the orientation of spaces. This means for example, you can see where the sun will fall on your building at any time of the year as well as analysing heat loss through specific parts of the building fabric.
  • HyperArchi – A French architectural project-management and specification package.
  • PHPP (Passive House Planning Package)- a program for creating an energy model of the building to help identify levels and kinds of insulation required as well as window-sizing and orientation.
  • Cocon – a program for assessing total energy use in a building – in layman’s terms: how “green” a building and construction technique really is.