We supply a fully range of architectural and building design services.

  • Concept and design analysis
  • Building design and planning applications
  • Specification and pricing of building construction
  • Full project management
  • Energy analysis

We offer a bi-lingual service as well as an understanding & experience of how the “system” works in France. The building industry in France operates very differently from the UK, including different materials and the way the trades are subdivided and specialised. We have extensive local knowledge and contacts, including good relationships with a number of “mairies” (town halls), with the “department of historic monuments” (ABF- Architectes de Bâtiments de France) and with some excellent artisans, relationships built up over the last 20 years of working in France.

Fees and saving you money.

It is often thought that employing an architect can be expensive and not cost effective. However by employing professional help great cost savings can be made and many fundamental mistakes avoided thereby minimising project costs and time lost.

The level of our professional fees depends on the nature of the project undertaken. We are able to make a quotation on a particular project once we know what is entailed, at this point we draw up a contract with you in order to move onto the next stage. In most cases, we base our fee structure on the RIBA ‘plan of work’ which subdivides a building project into its different stages. In this way all, or any, part of a building project can be undertaken within certain projected fee guidelines.

Grants and financial help

We can advise you about the sort of grants which are available for sustainable and energy saving projects. The grants tend to change from year to year and are particularly applicable to those who work or pay tax in France since they are mostly set as credit against tax paid.